listening is what
we’re all about
What does it all mean?

we make Audio driven Xperiences

and we put the experience in the heart of our sound design process.


Find out how you can use sound to enrich the user experience of your product.

Audio Branding

From a single tone that represent your brand to a full soundtrack to go with your promo videos.

Audio X Concepts

We bring together existing techologies with our own to create new audio tools & experiences.

we play those ear drums...


Music & Audio Branding


Music & Audio Branding

XA Logo

Audio Branding

Live Maps

Music & Sound design

XA-Show#real 2014


Music Tech Fest

Audio Branding


Music & Sound design

Apt. 85



Audio Branding

Lets Team Up!

Rani Dar

is a Sound Designer & UX developer.
he can turn any noise from the street to a beat in less than 60 sec with just his iphone
Now also working on:
2 sound instalaions & his upcoming Music EP.

Ronney Lubinsky

is a Cognitive Psycologist & an internet wizard.
she can gather information from the most distant edges of the net just like she can retrieve information from depth of your soul.
She holds bachelor degrees in Psychology, Communications & French, and has a master’s in Cognitive Psychology and Human Factors.


is the Egyptian Goddess of pleasure. She teaches you to enjoy life, relax and recharge energy. she also helps you remain independent & express yourself freely.

Why? because designing for technology means listening deeply, being ready to explore, initiate, and get ((mind-blowing)) results… and listening is what we’re all about.